what to consider when choosing polystyrene foam

Polystyrene is basically a versatile and a light weighted creation. Basically there are two types of polystyrene foam which are considered best. These are extruded Polystyrene and expanded Polystyrene. The properties of both types of Polystyrene foams are although similar. Expanded Polystyrene foam is one of the most common in everyday’s life.

The foam plastic contains 2 to 4 percent polystyrene and 96 to 98 percent of air. The expanded Polystyrene is light and inexpensive. The weight of expanded Polystyrene is 15 to 30 kg per cubic meter. Expanded Polystyrene and large polystyrene ball can be completely reused and recycles. The fundamental properties of expanded Polystyrene do not change with time.

Whereas extruded Polystyrene has a chemical composition. The foam which is produced contains small air pockets. It often comes in different colors i.e. pink, green, yellow etc. Polystyrene foams can be used for different uses. It is used in building and construction. It is versatile in strength and is available in low prices. Polystyrene foams are light weighted and durable due to which it can be used as inflation panel system for facades, floors, walls and roofs in different types of buildings. The foams are also used in packing process and are considered ideal in construction areas and manufacturing panels.